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Our Practice and Philosophy

Get to Know Us a Bit Better

Compassion: Your Smile is our Success Our Lehigh Valley Cosmetic Dentistry Cares for our patient's comfort, dental health, smiles and overall health. We adhere to conservative and state of the art dental excellence to restore and enhance the natural beauty of your smiles.

We understand Dental fear is Real, hence we make every sincere effort to eliminate it from our patient's mind and bring comfort while caring.

High Standards of Care: Every patient is our family and we care deeply about each one of you. We account for ourselves to provide the highest standard of care to our patients, where we deliver the best dental care in the most comfortable environment possible. We provide comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment planning. We make every effort to see and care for you as soon as possible if you have an emergency and needs urgent care!

Education & Prevention: “Prevention is better than cure” and prevention starts with awareness and education. At Lehigh Valley Cosmetic Dentistry, We educate our patients from day 1, discuss and introduce all preventative methods to restore and maintain the integrity of our patient’s dental health. We focus on our patient’s medical history, medications update and other related components that may have a direct and indirect impact on your dental health. Dental Health is connected with overall health.

Infection Control: Patient and staff safety is the utmost priority and hence we follow the strict Infection control/ sterilization/ Disinfection regulations laid out by ADA, OSHA and CDC.

Continuing Education: Progress is only possible when we keep learning and do not stop! Learning and adapting to swiftly changing technologies in the health field is the need of the time and we love to follow the advancements by attending continuing education courses, seminars, meetings and conferences! We want to continue learning to deliver.

We don’t mind you coming to us with dental fear, but we will be excited if you can smile and feel comfortable by the end of your appointment. the best care and the care that our patients deserve!

Final Outcome or Positive Experience

We want to be the reason and story behind your smile!

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